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About US

How Baba Scotch Came About

Born from a family recipe, Baba Scotch Pepper Sauce was created to share the spice of life. For the past 20 years, we have been growing scotch bonnet peppers in our back yard as a family staple. We are pleased to bottle the love from our family kitchen to yours.

Due to a moderately over producing batch of scotch bonnet peppers toward the end of the fall 2020 I decided to cook up a batch of pepper sauce to preserve the flavor. Some of this sauce was shared with a few friends. Several persons expressed delight at the flavor and encouraged me to make it for them. One friend in particular was adamant, ” You have to make this ****. I will pay you to make it.” 

I thought about what my friend impressed on me and did a little feasibility survey. I subsequently decided to do it. BABA SCOTCH FOODS, LLC was incorporated on December 8, 2020. Now we bring you Value and Flavor.

Meet the  Awesome team at Baba Scotch Foods

Fabian Robinson - Owner/ Manger

"Success is a journey. Work and Pray."

Kevon Blidgen - Marketing Manager

Tiffanie Lewis - Brand Ambassador

Sasha Walker - Brand Brand Ambassador

Fitzroy Williams - Marketing Liaison

Aces Vertusma - Brand Ambassador

Our Mission

Our mission at BABA SCOTCH is to bring Value and Flavor to our customers.

Our Vision

To make the most flavorful pepper sauce available to us.

Our Goal

To be the global leader/producer of Scotch Bonnet based pepper sauce by 2030.

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PO BOX 2431,
Middletown, CT
06457, USA
Tel- 203-490-2496
Email: info.babascotch@gmail.com